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We fully endorse our 'Untracked' service as a relatively quick & extremely economical shipping method for small orders. Our success rate with shipping international orders via Priority Airmail is over 99+% with over 15,000 orders thus far! However, a common problem that can cause a package to not arrive is incorrect or incomplete address information. Without a tracking number, this results in the package being returned to us and can take some weeks for our logistics provider to locate.

If your order was legitimately unable to be delivered it will be returned to sender then we will contact you for a new shipping address. We will then reship your order for free.

The reason we can’t offer any sort of reship on a missing package until we receive the return-to-sender is because as we have grown we are getting more & more fraudulent “missing package” emails. Our margins aren’t outrageous & when this happens it really stings.

Our recommendation is to spend the small amount extra on tracked shipping for any large order while the ‘Untracked’ option remains very economical and suitable for smaller orders.

Please contact us by email shop@fitwear.net, if your order does not arrive more than 24 hours outside of the delivery targets indicated.

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